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Who are we?

BoviTech is a name of authenticity and has a proven track record of importing Quality Genetics and pedigreed Dutch Holstein Friesian cows along with premium quality nutraceuticals. We invest in scientific and technical excellence to develop and launch new products that meet the needs of our farmers and consumers.

We are building a stronger purpose and performance culture underpinned by our values and expectations so that together we can deliver an impact for our farmers and consumers.

We provide for our esteemed clients not only globally recognized nutraceutical compositions but also customized solutions and special-order recipes with an unparalleled quality. Our experience of 15 years in the livestock industry allowed us to partner with progressive and genetic driven farmers by providing them with tailored solutions and innovative products to help increase the yield and quality of milk and meat.

Our team of highly skilled professionals converts their expertise into proven and practical solutions that benefits animals and farmers alike. Beyond our responsibilities to farmers and customers, we keep animal welfare to the forefront wether that be in our barns or our customer farms.

We are honing on pioneering animal genetic improvement to help cater the Asian Livestock & Dairy Industry in a responsible and profitable way. In the end, we are farmers, consumers and professionals at the same time.

We are BoviTech International
“Where Quality Matters”

Dada Premiks Ilac Yem San. ve Tic. A.ş (premix pharmaceutical feed ind. & trade co.) is a full Turkish owned company established in Turkey. Our journey, which started with animal health and consultancy service in 2010, continued as a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Warehouse in 2012. By 2017, Dada Premiks Ilac started vitamin mineral powder premix production.
Dada Premiks Ilac is an animal health and nutrition company which is mainly producing feed additive premixes, licking blocks & licking gels, milking parlour consumables, mastitis prevention teat dip solutions and animal cosmetics.
The company which has 2.500m2 factory area on 27.000m2, shows importance to quality, hygiene, safety work, work training in the production process and strictly complies to HACCP practices.
Our goal is to protect animal health by producing high quality products, purpose-built products and to benefit producers around the world by increasing the yield that will be received from animals.
We aim to contribute to the sector by meeting all the needs of the farmers by increasing our production range, to constantly follow and implement the necessary technological developments by keeping animal health at the forefront. As Dada Premiks Ilac , we are very happy to provide high quality products and services to our esteemed brothers and sisters with our cooperation with our responsible dealer Bovitech in Pakistan. Bovitech company is the only dealer authorized to market and sell our products in Pakistan market.

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