Dr.Malik Muhammad Umer Farooq
CEO / Founder

A Pioneer in the Pakistani Dairy Industry at the pedigreed cow segment

Dr. Umer Farooq Awan is a highly accomplished professional in the field of veterinary medicine and animal genetics. Holding degrees in DVM and M.Phil in Animal Breeding and Genetics, as well as in Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Awan has made significant contributions to the development of the Pakistani dairy industry.

Dr. Awan is the proud Founder and CEO of BoviTech, a prominent company known for its expertise in the dairy sector. Under his leadership, BoviTech has emerged as a market leader in its respective area of dairy farm consultancy. The farms developed by BoviTech are widely recognized for their cutting-edge technology, superior animal selection, and turnkey project offerings.

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بووی ٹیک: پاکستان میں ڈچ گائے کے پہلے امپورٹرز

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